Feeling Stressed

Not all stress is bad.  Small amounts of stress are needed to function more efficiently, while larger amounts of stress hinder our success.  The five biggest life stressors are: death, loss of relationship, loss of job, imprisonment, and illness.  Too much stress can bring on feelings of being overwhelmed or hopelessness.  We can help.  We use research proven techniques to help you take control and be your authentic self.



Having a set sleep schedule, eating healthy foods to fuel your brain and body, exercising regularly, drinking water, and meditating are all great ways to reduce your stress level.  To learn how to manage stress, call us today!  We focus on stress and help you design a  schedule that you can stick to and start feeling better.


Anxiety and Depression

We offer a drug free approach to managing anxiety and depression.  You can learn to calm your brain and say goodbye to worry, panic, and sadness.

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Meditation, Guided Visualization, and Progressive Relaxation are mind-body interventions that we use at Brain Refocus.  All are tools that you can learn and use on your own.  Call today for a complimentary relaxation session.